Thursday, September 23, 2010

hmmm. blogspot isn't blocked by the school web filter, and it's taken me this long to discover it... haha.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

it's one in the morning, so if figured "perfect time to go type crap!"
anyways im gonna be quick because i wanna go pass out.
anyways imma learn to play guitar and a girl i know says she can play keyboard and sing (and she shares some of my music interests WOOTWOOT!) and we've talked about gettin a drummer and startin a band, which would have me as lead singer/songwriter/guitarist, her as a singer/keyboardist, and Trevor being drafted as a drummer (he doesn't know it but HE'S GONNA DO IT!!! huzzah!) so as soon as i learn guitar we'll have a band... woo! but i have thought about getting someone else as a guitarist for now until i learn to play, ya know. it shouldn't be too hard to find a guitarist.
in other news... i ate some food... DO NOT PANIC! it will be alright. i am sure. they call me an expert. lol
i think that's about it!
i'm beat.
ooooooooooh Georgia girls are pretty.. or at least this one i know is ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

find your own music taste, not the top ten.

dontcha just hate when everyone on facebook is quoting lyrics from the same popular song? usually a song that wouldn't make it out of the recording studio if it weren't for Money and today's ignorant and ill-tasted music audience. seriously after i've seen that song about pretending airplanes are shooting stars quoted 40 times and i've seen another one quoted at least a million- it gets old. i don't like what is happening to modern music. it's rotting at the seams.
real music, you ask?
i'd be happy to oblige.
a great way to find real music is to open your ears to something other than a pre-programmed radio. go to a record store and preview every CD until you find soemthing that takes meaning to you right away.
sometimes go after a band you already know about. an example is my love affair with Panic at the Disco. i had first heard their song "nine in the afternoon" a few years ago from somewhere (i'm not sure) but when i was sneaking through my sister's iPod one day, i heard the song- beautiful lyrics, a strange sense of nostalgia, and that voice!- i had to get this song. less than a year after i had gotten 'Nine in the Afternoon' (using limewire, a great tool for any music lover who has no money.), i saw a Panic at the Disco album in a local Dollar Tree, going for just a dollar. the album name was 'Pretty. Odd.' in addition to the song i already had (nine in the afternoon), it had several other songs. i decided to buy it and i was amazed. Panic at the Disco is now my favorite band.
another way to find great music is to actually be aware of your music surroundings. songs in commercials can be ignored because, you know, icky advertissy!, but the full song can be quite awesome. also listen up on TV shows, and if a musically inclined friend is humming a tune, ask about it.
I've also used Pandora Radio. if you already have a few good favorite artists you like, tell the Pandora Radio and it'll play songs you may like by other artists. it's pretty smart. it's also responsible for my introduction to smash mouth.
If you like a theme tune for a show or something, don't be afraid to put it on your iPod and jam out to it. if you like the show, its theme should mean something to you. i have the Fringe theme and the Teen Titans theme on my iPod, as well as VIDEO GAME THEMES!!! lol
if you have a friend who you can talk to who you trust, ask what they listen to. they may introduce you to something new you like.
also nostalgia is never a bad thing. download some disco from the 70's.
i like the Beatles and the Beach boys sometimes.
i also like Eye of the Tiger (but that's because of Rocky.. LOL)
if you wanna try some of my stuff, get these songs: (song title- artist)
Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Shiver - Coldplay
Violet Hill - Coldplay
Nine in the Afternoon - Panic at the Disco
Northern Downpour - Panic at the Disco
Time to Dance - Panic at the Disco
Dashboard - Modest Mouse
Float On- Modest Mouse
World at Large - Modest Mouse
Wake Up- Arcade Fire
This must be the Place- Arcade Fire
Hang Me Up to Dry- Cold War Kids
Hospital Beds- Cold War Kids
Tell me in the Morning- Cold War Kids
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger- Daft Punk
Digital Love- Daft Punk
Disco Infiltrator- LCD soundsystem
Big ideas- LCD soundsystem
The Weather- Built to Spill
The Underdog- Spoon
Your Touch- The Black Keys
Music is my Boyfriend- CSS*
Japandroids- Young Hearts Spark Fire
Sound of Settling- Death Cab for Cutie
Dancing in a Minefield- Plushgun

also go get limewire. paying for music is senseless. artists make money from concerts. most just enjoy their craft (unless they're the big top-ten artists.)

*on limewire and in other places it is labeled "music is my hot hot s#x" which i don't like but oh well..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

so i like webcomics. seriously i like webcomics more than TV.
here's a few that i am hooked on:
Questionable Content
Sandra and Woo
Johnny Wander
Darwin Carmicheal is Going to Hell
and my new fave:
Edmund Finney's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life

Monday, July 12, 2010


so i was in the car the other day... in the backseat.. and these rhymy words floated atop my head, with a little rhythm. i quickly texted them to myself so i could remember them. and so i will try to make a song around this:

On the highway winkin at random people as they pass me by/

don't mind being a passenger, it's better than bein a passer-by...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nothing in particular

I am a slight bit mad at the world right now.
I've been thinking too much, that's why.
Also a dude deleted all 350 songs from my laptop and my iPod (not going into details on who or why).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

zombie phone has risen from the dead! (now it may try to eat my brains, for real!)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

zombie phone

(this song is dedicated to my motorola razr for its zombilikness. it was a tough phone that always held on, unto the very end. it is sitting beside me. who knows, it may come back. it just got pulled from the dryer. poor thing.)

i knew this phone/
it was so old/
it knew the water/
it knew the cold/
it got a dent/
it lost some glass/
i treated it/
like a rented ass/

and now it's a zombie phone/
i dropped it and it popped right on/
now it's a zombie phone/

and i would be sur-pri-i-i-i-ised/
if it wanted my brai-i-i-i-in...

The zombie phone was with me like a daughter/
it went throught the flame and the fi-re/
It lost a key and it got paralyzed once/
but it never had a chance/

cuz, oh, i left it in my pocket the last time/
oh, too many times, and I/
Threw my pants in the wash for a short time/
it was the last time/
I pulled it; it was pale/
I wanted to yell/
but i did my best and it lasted 5 minutes. . . .

oh, zombie phone, don't eat my brains/
oh, zombie phone, please be redeemed/
oh, zombie phone, i love the way you spaz out/
oh, zombie phone, i love the way you updated/
My facebook so many times/

OOOOH.... zombie phone!
wanna get a headache and love it? try this new game i've been off playing recently. it's first-person tetris. here's a link:
i had a little spot on that i was gonna use as my personal website. i am happy to announce, however, that after starting this blog, i have decided to use this place instead. it will be much easier to update in a breeze and post files and pics with ease. so is just gonna be a pet rock now. is the new awesome.
worked today. that's an unusual twist. i followed my dad around in the woods for an hour with a book, taking information down. easy $8 an hour. I had intel that my dad's office had a HOT secretary. it turned out to be true. i gotta go now. a tornado alarm is going off in ellisville???!

Monday, July 5, 2010

i would love to monetize this blog just for the money. i mean, srsly, i'm down on cash.
anyways, check out my gallery on DA.
anywho, since this blog is named "yellingaboutnothinginparticular", not "endorsemyselfwithnolimits", i should post some crap."
Guns don't kill people, the chemical reaction of combustion does!"
"There are several variants of Edward Repellent: 12 ga., 20 ga., .410 ga., and .22 LR being just a few. There is one way to find an Edward. And that is to tell a twilight fangirl that he really exists"
"I play with lego blocks. Yes, i have grown up, but i found it slightly overrated. Lego Blocks treat me better."
"Don't take life seriously. No one gets out alive anyway"

enough with the nice quotes. now my music opinion shall burst forth.
Bands I like: Modest Mouse, Spoon, Built to Spill, Arcade Fire, Cold War Kids, Daft Punk, Panic at the Disco and some occasional Coldplay.i've been really liking this song by Arcade Fire lately. It's called 'Wake Up'. It is AWESOME!!
anyhow, let's just say i am tired. i just jogged for about an hour. anyway i'm tired and you are too so i'll leave you with this piece of work.... :

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

im thinking of getting a trial version of Adobe Flash CS, and some other adobe stuff. is there any way i can get a non-trial version of it, besides filesharing??

anyways, this summer is still boring. i went swimming some last week and now i have a sunburn. it really sucks. i lost my phone charger too.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This summer is already proving to be pretty boring! every day im home with nothing to do, just wasting time... wish there was something eventful happening, maybe a party, or maybe just a good get-together with some of my friends... but i guess i'll just have to wait for something to happen...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

where to find me elsewhere...

here are a few of the other places you can find me:

My Facebook page

My DeviantArt page

Me on Myspace(pretty much abandoned. i hate myspace)

My youtube

i gots a blogspot!
because a facebook, a deviantart, a youtube, a ning, a myspace, and all my forum accounts just weren't enough!
you see, i am what they call 'internet-wealthy'.