Monday, July 5, 2010

i would love to monetize this blog just for the money. i mean, srsly, i'm down on cash.
anyways, check out my gallery on DA.
anywho, since this blog is named "yellingaboutnothinginparticular", not "endorsemyselfwithnolimits", i should post some crap."
Guns don't kill people, the chemical reaction of combustion does!"
"There are several variants of Edward Repellent: 12 ga., 20 ga., .410 ga., and .22 LR being just a few. There is one way to find an Edward. And that is to tell a twilight fangirl that he really exists"
"I play with lego blocks. Yes, i have grown up, but i found it slightly overrated. Lego Blocks treat me better."
"Don't take life seriously. No one gets out alive anyway"

enough with the nice quotes. now my music opinion shall burst forth.
Bands I like: Modest Mouse, Spoon, Built to Spill, Arcade Fire, Cold War Kids, Daft Punk, Panic at the Disco and some occasional Coldplay.i've been really liking this song by Arcade Fire lately. It's called 'Wake Up'. It is AWESOME!!
anyhow, let's just say i am tired. i just jogged for about an hour. anyway i'm tired and you are too so i'll leave you with this piece of work.... :

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