Saturday, July 24, 2010

it's one in the morning, so if figured "perfect time to go type crap!"
anyways im gonna be quick because i wanna go pass out.
anyways imma learn to play guitar and a girl i know says she can play keyboard and sing (and she shares some of my music interests WOOTWOOT!) and we've talked about gettin a drummer and startin a band, which would have me as lead singer/songwriter/guitarist, her as a singer/keyboardist, and Trevor being drafted as a drummer (he doesn't know it but HE'S GONNA DO IT!!! huzzah!) so as soon as i learn guitar we'll have a band... woo! but i have thought about getting someone else as a guitarist for now until i learn to play, ya know. it shouldn't be too hard to find a guitarist.
in other news... i ate some food... DO NOT PANIC! it will be alright. i am sure. they call me an expert. lol
i think that's about it!
i'm beat.
ooooooooooh Georgia girls are pretty.. or at least this one i know is ;)

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