Tuesday, July 6, 2010

zombie phone

(this song is dedicated to my motorola razr for its zombilikness. it was a tough phone that always held on, unto the very end. it is sitting beside me. who knows, it may come back. it just got pulled from the dryer. poor thing.)

i knew this phone/
it was so old/
it knew the water/
it knew the cold/
it got a dent/
it lost some glass/
i treated it/
like a rented ass/

and now it's a zombie phone/
i dropped it and it popped right on/
now it's a zombie phone/

and i would be sur-pri-i-i-i-ised/
if it wanted my brai-i-i-i-in...

The zombie phone was with me like a daughter/
it went throught the flame and the fi-re/
It lost a key and it got paralyzed once/
but it never had a chance/

cuz, oh, i left it in my pocket the last time/
oh, too many times, and I/
Threw my pants in the wash for a short time/
it was the last time/
I pulled it; it was pale/
I wanted to yell/
but i did my best and it lasted 5 minutes. . . .

oh, zombie phone, don't eat my brains/
oh, zombie phone, please be redeemed/
oh, zombie phone, i love the way you spaz out/
oh, zombie phone, i love the way you updated/
My facebook so many times/

OOOOH.... zombie phone!

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